speed dialer busy signal free contest redialer
speed dialer busy signal free contest redialer

Continuously redials telephone numbers that are constantly busy!

The PowerDialer gets you in.

Use the PowerDialer for:
• Concert tickets
• Sports tickets
• Theatre tickets
• Radio contests
• Talk radio particpation
• Golf tee-off times
• Tennis court reservations
• Campground reservations
• American Idol voting
• Job call-in lines
• Calling government agencies
• Whenever you need to reach that "always busy" phone number

How do you think ticket agencies get all the good tickets?
The PowerDialer.
Now you can get them too!

• The PowerDialer can also periodically retry unanswered phone numbers.
• It can store 10 numbers in memory.
• It understands "all circuits are busy," fast busy signals, slow busy signals, when an answering maching tries to pick up the line, and more.
• It dials faster than you can dial by hand or by using the redial button.
• You're alerted only when you get through.
• Built-in speaker for hands-free monitoring.
• All of this unattended and totally legal.

Learn more: PowerDialer, Reviews, Frequently Asked Questions, Ordering Information or grab yours now!

The PowerDialer is available direct from Technology Arts, LLC

Technical Excellence Through Creative Design

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