Advanced power demon speed dialer: Product

PowerDialer: speed dialer for free contest busy signals and ticket lines

79kb Audio file of PowerDialer dialing

The PowerDialer is the ONLY machine of it's kind!
There are no others.

PowerDialer repeatedly dials busy telephone numbers as quickly as your telephone company can process the calls. When busy signals or "all circuits are busy" recordings are encountered, PowerDialer immediately hangs up and continuously retries until it encounters either a ring-back or speech, meaning that the call has gone through. An alarm sounds to signal a successfully connected call.

PowerDialer was specifically designed to redial telephone numbers that are constantly busy such as ticket order lines for concerts, theater, or sporting events, radio contest lines, golf tee-off and tennis court reservation numbers, calling talk radio shows, job call-in lines, campground reservations, etc. PowerDialer can also be set to periodically retry unanswered phone numbers. Other features include the ability to store numbers in memory, advanced tone detection, and a built-in speaker for hands free monitoring.

The PowerDialer is available direct from Technology Arts, LLC. The PowerDialer includes the PowerDialer device, AC adapter, RJ-11 tel cord, and user's manual.